Blake Lively is one of my top favorite style icons. She always looks put together and dresses very fashionably. She also looks very exotic and never pounds on makeup. She usually walks the red carpet with very simple, neutral makeup, but then wows everyone with her gorgeous blonde waves and beautiful styling. In the pictures, she is wearing a curve-hugging versace dress. What do you think of this look? Is it a hit or a miss? I think it's a hit!



Model, Zippora Seven, took the streets of New York City for the latest issue of Oyster Magazine. Photographed by Sam Crawford and styled by Zara Mirkin, Zippora roams NYC looking casual in denim, sweaters, and cute prints. I love these photos even thought the styling isn't really that awesome, no offense. The photos are so raw and they give off an attitude. Love Zippora and NYC! xx

Holiday Party Essentials

Party season is just around the corner as December nears. Around this time it's good to have a few essential pieces that can be worn more than once and used for upcoming seasons as well. Here's my top party essentials list:

1. A dress that you LOVE- Don't settle for less, because if you don't love it, chances are you won't wear it. And there goes 50$ out the window. Try investing in a really chic timeless dress that you will wear on many occasions.
2. A statement chunky necklace- It can dress up anything from a plain white t-shirt to a strapless gown. It's a must in any party-goers wardrobe!
3. A pair of booties- They play a twist on regular boots and make any look more edgier. They are possibly the cutest shoes everrrr!!! Try different styles and colors too! I found a really cute pair of suede ones with a bow in the back from Forever21! $32! Talk about sweeet deal..
4. A simple evening clutch- Something that can be worn with an evening outfit can make the overall look more polished. Also it's much cuter than toting around a huge bag.
5. A dressy blazer- It can add a sophisticated twist on an outfit and make the look classier. Try a boyfriend shape if you are into trends and try many different colors. A navy blazer paired with a gold blouse would look fabulous!

Hope you enjoy! And happy holidays! xx


Zara Evening Lookbook

Happy Holidays!! I love Zara! They always have extremely chic items that are high quality, but still affordable. Around the holiday season, they always come out with really nice pieces for the evening. I think this collection has some really pretty things that can be worn for either a Christmas Party, Thanksgiving dinner, or New Year's Eve Party! My favorite is the cheetah dress! I'm also thinking about doing a post on holiday party outfits. Let me know if you would like me to! Happy holidays! xx

Emma Roberts: For Marie Claire

Emma Roberts featured in Marie Claire last month and I absolutely fell in love with the photos!-to the point which i ripped them out and tacked them to my wall! She looks so pretty! Love the ruffled lace skirt! xx

navy velvet

I came across this backpack, when it was posted on knighttcat.com! I think it's so adorable and unique that it's velvet. It has a drawstring fastening too, which I like because it's much easier to open and close than buckles. I think it would make a great christmas or holiday gift for a friend. You can get it at www.asos.com for about $55. Happy Thanksgiving:) xx

Little Miss Watson

Emma Watson has always been one of my favorite style icons. She always dresses with class and sports many of the newest trends. Also, I must say that her pixie cut hair looks adorable. She looks different, but in a mature, beautiful way. Overall her style is exceptional! In the second picture, she's looking very casual and cute, with her big sweater and oxford. <3 her! what do you guys think? who's your favorite style icon?


So I was surfing the web earlier today, where I found this picture from Jil Sander's 2001 Spring collection. I think the nails are totally cool and I would definitely try it. Maybe with a taupe, gold, or gray color underneath, it would look really nice. What do you guys think? Would you try it? xx


Hello models!

victorias secret after party.
via. knightcat

Grungy Fashion + DIY Studded Combat Boots

Last year, grungy style became part of the fashion world once again. Studs, spikes, leather, and acid wash were incorprated into many runway collections and soon made it's way into lower-end brands. In places like Forever21, Charlotte Russe, H&M, and Bebe you can find a lot of these trendy grungy clothes for cheap. I love it especially this year now that combat boots are in style because it just ties the look all together, then just wearing plain converse (although i love my converse)! I was thinking about doing some DIY by adding studs onto my combat boots, but I don't know if i should or not. I posted a picture of the combat boots they are by Madden Girl. I'm thinking about buying the loose studs from mood fabrics. Let me know if you think it's a good or idea or not :) Thank you!


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