Holiday Party Essentials

Party season is just around the corner as December nears. Around this time it's good to have a few essential pieces that can be worn more than once and used for upcoming seasons as well. Here's my top party essentials list:

1. A dress that you LOVE- Don't settle for less, because if you don't love it, chances are you won't wear it. And there goes 50$ out the window. Try investing in a really chic timeless dress that you will wear on many occasions.
2. A statement chunky necklace- It can dress up anything from a plain white t-shirt to a strapless gown. It's a must in any party-goers wardrobe!
3. A pair of booties- They play a twist on regular boots and make any look more edgier. They are possibly the cutest shoes everrrr!!! Try different styles and colors too! I found a really cute pair of suede ones with a bow in the back from Forever21! $32! Talk about sweeet deal..
4. A simple evening clutch- Something that can be worn with an evening outfit can make the overall look more polished. Also it's much cuter than toting around a huge bag.
5. A dressy blazer- It can add a sophisticated twist on an outfit and make the look classier. Try a boyfriend shape if you are into trends and try many different colors. A navy blazer paired with a gold blouse would look fabulous!

Hope you enjoy! And happy holidays! xx

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